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About us

Sunbird Aloes in Randburg, South Africa, is the home of the largest range of free-flowering aloe hybrids in the world –  from plants that grow into massive specimens to tiny pot plants. They have all been given easy-to-remember cultivar names so that obtaining your selected plant is a breeze. Selected  Sunbird Aloes hybrids are available from our licensed growers in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Kwazulu-Natal, Gauteng and also Australia. All our plants are produced through vegetative propagation to ensure that you will be getting a plant identical to the original.

The Sunbird Aloes hybridisation programme goes back more than 40 years when I first played sunbird and cross-pollinated 2 aloe species in flower in the garden. Since then the data base of new aloe hybrid combinations has grown steadily to its current size of close to 8000 records. From these 8000 combinations the poor flowering performers, the substandard colours, the plants with fungal susceptibility and the ones incapable of dealing with plenty of water have been weeded out. What is left are nearly 250 of the most floriforous, most colourful and best adapted (to garden conditions) aloe hybrids imaginable. What you can see in the catalogue is the first offerings from this elite list.

For the first time gardeners and landscapers can now have Aloe plant- and flower displays without using aloes that have been taken from the wild, sometimes under dubious (if not illegal) circumstances. CONSERVE OUR NATURAL ALOE HERITAGE, plant aloe hybrid cultivars for better results. Leo Thamm.

Updated 27 May 2016

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