Aloe ‘Winter White’

This eagerly awaited medium/large, short-stemmed aloe cultivar delivers the last white flowers of the winter season, by way of upright racemes on branched inflorescences.

As such it closes a long-existing colour gap during the latter part of the winter flower season. The flower buds have a greenish hue before it is replaced by the white of the open flower. It can flower from midwinter to early spring.

The pink-tipped leaves are green, red edged and lined with reddish spines (in contrast to the flower colour). Stem shoots are rare but should be removed should any appear. The neat plant may divide its rosette as it matures.

‘Winter White’ will do well in a container but should flower better in open planting. Be sure to combine it with other colours from late flowering cultivars like ‘Hans’, ‘Hilko’, ‘Oranje XL’ or ‘Pastel Perfect’ to accentuate the differences.

Uploaded 19 April 2017