Sunbird Aloes early flowering cultivars

We want to remind gardeners of some of the really early-flowering (mid- to late summer) aloe cultivars that are already showing their colours as I am writing this :

Cultivars listed clockwise from the top left corner of the collage photo on the left:

Aloe ‘Vroegjaar Geel’ – a whole bush full of yellow flowers that can go right through winter

Aloe ‘Ivory Dawn’ – compact, stemless plant with pink-to-white racemes any time of year

Aloe ‘Totem’ – tall growing plant with magnificent red-to-orange flowers, with a really long flower season

Aloe ‘Fireworx’ – stemless, medium-sized plant with clusters of pink flowers a few times every year

Aloe ‘First Gold’ – beautiful spotted green leaves with tall, striking, upright yellow flowers

Updated 27 Feb 2020