Aloe ‘Amber Glow’

Large, light green plant with very short stem. There are 1 or 2 branches (racemes) on each of the 7 inflorescences, but the racemes make up for their lack of numbers in their volume and glowing reddish orange-to-orange yellow colour. Make no mistake, this still amounts to a large bouquet of flowers. In addition, “Amber Glow” has a very long flower season as it can flower from early winter to early spring.

Although stem shoots are rare, mature plants can prolifically divide their rosettes, much to the benefit of flower production as can be seen on the photograph. For this reason it does best in the open rockery. Bear in mind that the space required by a divided rosette quickly exceeds that of a single plant (for which the dimensions are given on the label).

Best recorded flowering performance (from a single rosette): 7 inflorescences and 12 racemes in total.

Updated 28 May 2019.