Aloe ‘Amber Spice’

This is a large aloe that will slowly grow a tall stem (trunk). In midwinter it produces its eye-catching display of tall, branched inflorescences with two-tone racemes. These are produced more or less simultaneously, thus adding to the visual impact. The flower buds start out as orange but gradually lighten their colour as they mature, until the individual flowers open yellow with a conspicuous white apex. This is neatly offset by the dark, protruding filaments.

‘Amber Spice’ grows into a neat single plant that may eventually divide its rosette. The clean, grey-green leaves are lined with widely spaced, pale spines with brownish tips.

Stem shoots are very rare on this plant.

Because it needs space to develop its flowering potential, ‘Amber Spice’ is not recommended for container planting. It does best on the open rockery where its colour and flowering time is an excellent pairing for ‘Prize Pink’.

Best recorded flowering performance from a single rosette: 3 inflorescences with a total of 20 long racemes.

Posted 19 April 2014. Updated 21 July 2015, 23 May 2018.