Aloe ‘Andrea’s Orange’

A striking small aloe hybrid named after the late owner and manager of Witkoppen Wildflower Nursery and great proponent of aloe hybrids, Andrea Hepplewhite.

Aloe ‘Andrea’s Orange’, although pot plant sized, can successfully be planted in the open as a border or cluster in landscaping. Up to 5 strong, upwardly curving inflorescences with stout peduncles appear in close succession from June onward. The outer ones are 2 branched, the inner ones single. The convexly shaped flowers are bright, shiny orange – Andrea’s favourite colour. It is bound to be a great favourite with owners of small gardens, not only because of its size and conspicuous colour, but also for the stout inflorescences that are able to support the weight of larger birds like starlings and wood hoopoes better than most other aloes of similar size.

Updated 17 March 2020.