Aloe ‘Autumn Lite’

This exciting addition to the Sunbird Aloes range is a medium to large sized plant that can grow a tall stem. Its gift to the gardener is large display of colour from late summer, through autumn and often into the colder months. A first, well-branched inflorescence is followed closely by up to 4 others. Racemes are short-ish with deep pink flower buds that open white, and there are many of them.

The greyish-green plant is capable of dividing its open shaped rosette, but it has a predilection for producing stem shoots. Because of the tall growth habit of the plant, these shoots are easy to remove if you require a single stemmed aloe. If left to mature to flowering size, however, they can contribute to the flowering quite significantly. It needs to be borne in mind that the plant still has only one root system, so keeping more than 3 or 4 shoots will slow down their development noticeably.

Because Aloe ‘Autumn Lite’ is a tall grower that flowers before the worst cold it can be planted with low-growing green-leafed annuals or against a green background that will show off its colours to best effect. For the landscaper: A small grouping of this aloe surrounded by blue or purple flowering ground covers creates a very pleasing visual effect.

23 October 2023.