Aloe ‘Baby Tusker’

Like its big cousin,  Aloe ‘Tusker’, with whom it shares a number of characteristics, this medium sized aloe cultivar is relatively early flowering. It may even precede its larger namesake by a month or so in the flowering department. Aloe ‘Baby Tusker’ can produce up to 4, simultaneous, branched inflorescences that open their beautiful ivory flowers in early autumn. The pale tipped flower buds have a pinkish base colour. Racemes are large for an aloe of this size. The plant may produce stem shoots but not often in profusion. Depending on the space available under the rosette it may be a good idea to keep two or three of these to enhance the flowering performance. Some owners will prefer to remove shoots and allow the plant’s division to create a larger platform for flowering.  Aloe ‘Baby Tusker’ may develop a short stem after a few years.

The decorative green leaves are lined with reddish spines and may also have red edging. Mature plants may divide their rosettes.

This sought after aloe is easy to grow as a container/pot subject or in the open rockery. When planted in front of Aloe ‘Vinkel’ with its deep pink upright racemes it creates an unusually attractive colour combination.

Updated on 23 April 2019.