Aloe ‘Berry Sorbet’

This must rank among the most exciting additions to the Sunbird Aloes range in recent years – Aloe ‘Berry Sorbet’ is a medium-sized, stemmed cultivar with a long flower season – from early autumn to late winter. The flower colour is not easily categorised because the buds are red before turning to a deep, glowing pink when the large flowers start opening at the lower end of the raceme. Up to 4, branched inflorescences are produced. This is superior performance for such a relatively small rosette.

The slender leaves are arranged in a loose rosette. They are green with fairly prominent, pale spines. The rosette (leafy part of the plant) may divide as it matures, thus allowing an even better flower display. It will be in the best interest of the plant to remove any stem shoots that may appear.

Combine this cultivar with any other early winter flowering aloe – the sharp contrast in colours will make them more conspicuous. I like an orange flower such as Aloe ‘Big Brass’ as a companion to Aloe ‘Berry Sorbet’.

Its ideal planting spot is around the middle/front of the rockery where the flowers may be enjoyed at close quarters. Mix in plenty of compost before planting – this should sustain the flowering performance for a few years.

Updated 17 March 2020.