Aloe ‘Big Boy’

Aloe ‘Big Boy’, as the name suggests, is a rather bulky aloe with tough, grooved leaves lined with prominent, dark spines. It is rather ferox-like in general appearance. The plant is stemless but may have a stout stem after many years. It has not been seen to produce stem shoots, nor does it divide its rosette. The showy red-to-white, sickle-shaped racemes are carried on stout inflorescences and open their first flowers towards midwinter. Aloe ‘Big Boy’ will do well in a container or on the open rockery. Bear in mind that the long racemes normally protrude beyond the plant and one therefore should consider people traffic around the pot or other container.

The angle of the racemes make ‘Big Boy’ very attractive to birds and it comes as no surprise that weavers, starlings and bulbuls often make use of its convenient perches.

Care tip: Be sure to work lots of well-composted material into the soil before planting ‘Big Boy’ as you will most likely not want to move it once it is fully grown.
Best recorded flowering performance: 2 inflorescences with a total of 11 racemes (young plant)

Updated 24 October 2023.