Aloe ‘Bright Spark’

This small aloe will delight the gardener with its bright green foliage, good plant structure and colourful flowers. Although the plant is small, the flowers are regular aloe size, making the red buds and pure white open flowers even more conspicuous. The multiple inflorescences branch low down in the plant, allowing the racemes to stand fully upright by the time the flowers open in early winter. They can last well into midwinter. The plant itself has fairly upright, sharply pointed leaves with pale spines on the edges. Although it may divide the rosette (resulting in even more flowers) it will seldom produce stem shoots. Although this may be a sought-after characteristic in a pot plant, it is bad news for the breeder (me) because it means that this little gem will always be in short supply. It is bound to attract an immediate following in gardening circles.

Aloe ‘Bright Spark’ is an excellent container subject (choose a pot that is the same diameter as the plant, measured between the widest leaf tips) and give it a slightly larger space once it outgrows the first container. Unfortunately it has not yet been tested in open planting, but provided the cold is not too severe there is no reason why it would not amply reward its owner in an open setting as well.

Best recorded flowering performance: 3 inflorescences with a total of 10 racemes.

Updated 17 March 2020.