Aloe ‘Candy Floss’

The delicate pink and white flower of this little aloe had effectively chosen its own name – ‘Candy Floss’. The plant itself is stemless and eventually grows to a height of  20 cm.

Its flowering time is from April to July, depending on the individual plant. It can produce up to 3 inflorescences, one after the other. This little aloe is very easy to grow in a pot or container, and it loves sunlight. The soil should be well drained with lots of fine compost in the mix. Do not water again until the soil surface is dry down to 2 cm. If planted in a rockery or flower bed it should be protected from frost and watered more often than larger aloes. This aloe will produce copious numbers of shoots or offsets. Leave 2 or 3 to grow to flowering size and remove the others by cutting them at the base of the plant. Leaving too many shoots on the main plant drains energy and affects the flowering of the plant.

Updated 17 March 2020.