Aloe ‘Carmine Cluster’

This medium sized aloe with its neat, green rosette (with pinkish tint at flower time) is ideal for the smaller garden or front of the rockery where height is not a requirement. Its main attraction lies in the densely flowered, light red racemes. They are carried on multiple inflorescences in early to midwinter, and they create a special effect because they are borne so close to the plant. This results in a compact unit covered in showy flowers, often at twice the width of the rosette.

The stout leaves are lined with brown spines and the leaf surface has warty spines, more on the under- than upper side. The plant rarely produces stem shoots but may divide the rosette upon maturity.

Aloe ‘Carmine Cluster’ is a great companion to any of the larger, winter flowering cultivars and is well suited to growing in a container or pot. When sufficient composted material is added to the potting or planting soil no further feeding will be required for at least 2 years. Landscapers can utilise the massive flower production to good effect.

Best recorded flowering performance from a single rosette: 3 inflorescences with a total of 39 racemes.

Updated 21 June 2019