Aloe ‘Colourama’

This is a large, stemmed aloe capable of a considerable flowering display. There are three reasons for this: The first is the number of inflorescences – up to 4 per rosette. Inflorescences are well-branched so this adds to the number of racemes (the part of the flower that shows the colour). Second is the fact that it is a fast-growing plant that wastes no time in dividing and re-dividing its rosette. A divided rosette grows into separate rosettes, thus adding to the number of inflorescences produced, come flower time. The third is the conspicuous deep red flower buds that open pure white – the most eye-catching of all the flower combinations. This is offset by dark green foliage. ‘Colourama’ flowers in midwinter and can still have some colour up to early spring.

The plant rarely produces stem shoots, but if it does, my recommendation would be to remove them immediately. This will allow more energy for division and flower production. Stem shoots will influence the shape of the aloe (any aloe) and because it is young, soft tissue they can be very inviting to pests and diseases. The green leaves are lined with orange-tipped spines.

Aloe ‘Colourama’ is, without doubt, a feature plant for a large rockery or landscaping project.

Updated 22 April 2019.