Aloe ‘Colourburst’

Unlike other red-to-yellow flowered aloe hybrids, Colourburst has an exceptional plant-to-flower ratio. This means that for its size, the plant can produce an amazing flower display.¬†This happens from June to August (throughout the colder months) when up to five, branched inflorescences tower over the grey-green leaves. This, together with the clear and bright colours, places it comfortably in the ‘super hybrid’ category. It truly has to be seen to be believed.

The medium to large plant will develop a short stem over time and there is a possibility that the rosette will divide into two or more. It will enhance the flowering capability of this cultivar. Stem shoots may occur occasionally and should best be removed in the interest of plant health and better flowers.

Best recorded flowering performance: 5 inflorescences with 18 massive racemes.

Updated 23 October 2023.