Aloe ‘Coral Red’

The coral-like clusters of red flowers make this a spectacular aloe cultivar. It is a large, easy-to-grow tall stemming plant. Normally the rosette reaches maturity before it starts rising off the ground. It can take a few years before a proper trunk has formed.

‘Coral Red’ has beautifully structured, chunky grey-green leaves that sometimes have a pinkish hue in winter. As a feature plant in gardens or landscaping it excels in every respect. Indeed, it is hard to imagine anything that could surpass its mass of bright red flowers. No aloe garden should be without one.

Planting tip: This aloe can become top heavy, particularly when the trunk starts exceeding 1,5m in height. It may then start leaning over and may require support to keep it from going down all the way. If this should happen it presents the ideal opportunity to rejuvenate your aloe. See the section on “Rejuvenation” under “Aloe Care” in this website.

Best recorded flowering performance from a single rosette plant: 3 simultaneous inflorescences and a total of 106 racemes.

Aloe ‘Coral Red’, combined very successfully with other aloes in the garden.


Updated 19 July 2023.