Aloe ‘Crimson Ice’

Pointed, bluish-green leaves and large, neat plant are not all that make this a sought-after garden plant. Up to 4, branched inflorescences¬† covered in scale-like, pink-edged bracts make their appearance in late autumn. The racemes are very large and showy. When the flower buds start emerging, the raceme is crimson, magically changing to white as the large flowers open. Aloe ‘Crimson Ice’ flowers during the winter months.

Short-stemmed with occasional stem shoots, this is a very rewarding plant in the garden or rockery. It will readily divide the rosette upon reaching maturity, thus becoming ‘multi-headed’ – a great boost for flower production. Because it needs some space to deliver the impact it is capable of, specimens planted in a container should best be moved to open ground as soon a the flowering performance stagnates.

Best recorded flowering performance from a single rosette: 4 inflorescences with a total of 10 large racemes.

Updated 30 May 2019.