Aloe ‘Cupid’

This tiny aloe cultivar has an astounding track record as far as flowering is concerned. Not only is it capable of flowering at any time of the year, it produces branched inflorescences with up to 7 racemes – unheard of in an aloe of this size. Its successive inflorescences last a very long time, allowing for a group of 4 or 5 plants of Aloe ‘Cupid’ to show colour throughout the year.

The plant itself has a fairly open rosette of pointed, grey-green leaves with small spines. It is classified as a miniature because the plant often produces its first flower when only about 8 cm in diameter. It can grow on to be around 3 times that size, and limited numbers of side shoots may appear at any time. These shoots can add to the flowering performance of the plant from a very small size (as seen in the picture), and provided there are not too many (3 or 4) they can be left on the plant with good effect.

Because of its size Aloe ‘Cupid’ is an ideal pot plant, but the leaves are fairly succulent which means that it can even be planted on the open rockery provided it is given a little water when the rains stay away. It needs some good quality compost in the planting soil in order to maintain its flowering for a few years.

Updated 30 June 2019.

This group of Aloe ‘Cupid’ plants can show colour throughout the year.