Aloe ‘Curvacious’

The gracefully recurving blue-grey leaves gave this very large, stemmed aloe hybrid its name. Its real claim to fame, however, are the large, long-lasting, consecutive inflorescences with red-to-orange racemes.

The flowers can open as early as midsummer and there could still be flowers on the plant by early spring. The flowering performance and the statuesque plant make this ideal as a feature plant. The inflorescences are capable of supporting even the weight of the Grey Go-away Bird. Stem shoots are rare, but should there be they are best removed to preserve the shape of the plant. It is clearly meant for open planting as only the very biggest container would be able to accommodate the spread of leaves.

Updated 18 March 2020.

This image shows the early inflorescence, one in flower and the next on its way.
Aloe ‘Curvaceous’ – spectacular colour flowers