Aloe ‘Early Orange’

As the name suggests, this large cultivar is one of the early-flowering (early autumn to mid winter) oranges. The upright racemes from multiple inflorescences are spread wide over the canopy of the plant. Birds seem to find these flowers irresistable, probably because they carry so much nectar.

The plant has a fairly neat arrangement of long, pointed, grey-green leaves that are lined with pale spines. The stem may take a few years to develop. By removing any stem shoots that may appear, the gardener can encourage the plant to divide its rosette, thus  creating a larger platform for flower production. A multi-headed (rosetted) plant will produce quite a spectacular display of orange flowers.

This cultivar is best planted on the open rockery to facilitate the faster growth necessary for superior flower production. Work ample compost into the planting soil, allowing for a wider rather than deeper penetration of roots. This applies equally to all aloes.

Updated 10 June 2019.