Aloe ‘Flower Power’

Large and slow-stemming, this addition to the Sunbird Aloes stable brings with it a ferox-like plant shape and massive flower production in the form of bright red-to-yellow/orange racemes in large numbers. The flowers normally start opening after mid-winter and for the following two months it will draw birds, bees and humans alike.

The grey-ish leaves are slightly longer than average length for an aloe of this size, and they are lined with pale, dark-tipped spines. Stem shoots are rare, and thus far none of the mature plants have shown signs of dividing their rosettes. It is a neat plant best suited to open planting (i.e. not in a pot unless it is a large one).

Of the larger cultivars ‘Etam’ is an excellent companion to ‘Flower Power’, while ‘Comet’ would be a good choice should one look for something slightly smaller (and taller).

Best recorded flowering display from a single rosette: 3 inflorescences with a total of 39 racemes.

Uploaded 9 June 2016.