Aloe ‘Gold Mine’

This large plant with green leaves lined with pale spines can guarantee a flower show that can best be described as a cloud of golden racemes. Multiple, well-branched inflorescences in late autumn to early winter enable this performance. All the racemes open their flowers simultaneously. This accounts for the conspicuous Wow!-factor. Understandably Aloe ‘Gold Mine’ is nearly always in short supply.

Stem formation is slow, and occasional stem shoots appear. These should be removed in the interest of better flower production and pest control. ‘Gold Mine’ will divide its rosette as a mature plant, effectively doubling the flowering performance within 2 years of dividing. Because of this it performs best in open planting, and it is not recommended as a container subject. Adding lots of sifted compost to the planting soil, and spoiling your plant with a top dressing of old kraal manure at the start of the rainy season will allow it to repeat the amazing flower show year after year.

Best recorded flowering performance from a single rosette (not divided): 8 inflorescences with a total of 51 racemes, all at the same time.

Updated 2 June 2019.