Aloe ‘Greengage’

The unique, pale green flowers of this aloe cultivar sets it apart from all the others in the Sunbird Aloes collection. It produces multiple inflorescences with fairly upright racemes from midwinter to early spring. The flower buds are green and the flowers open a very pale yellowish green. The protruding filaments are pale yellow and dry to a brownish colour.

The slow stemming plant itself has neat green leaves with small, reddish spines on the leaf edges. It can grow fairly large, but it starts flowering at such a small size it could also be classified as a medium sized aloe.

Aloe ‘Greengage’ is equally at home on the rockery or in a container. It is a tough plant that can withstand periods of drought better than most other aloe hybrids. It needs plenty of well composted material in the planting soil.

Planting tip: Because the sunny side of the aloe flower has a more saturated colour than the shaded side, the latter is the better angle to view this cultivar from. In my rockery this means that Aloe ‘Greengage’ is planted in a way that it is always seen from the South side (the opposite will apply in the northern hemisphere). This is also the angle at which the picture was taken.

Updated 10 April 2019