Aloe ‘Habanero’

This medium/large, stemless plant is unquestionably one of the ‘hot’ new properties in yellow-flowered aloe hybrids. The golden yellow racemes are carried on multiple, well-structured inflorescences that open their flowers during the midwinter months.

The pale grey-green, tapering leaves are lined with small, closely-packed, pale spines that sometimes have pinkish tips. The plant may produce stem shoots at ground level. These should ideally be removed with a clean cut close to the stem (some soil may need to be scraped away to accomplish this), but if the intention is to keep some shoots on the plant to grow to flowering size, they need to be watched very carefully as they are easy targets for various pests and diseases (as are most aloes with a similar growth style). See the section on Aloe Care in this website for more information. The plant seems reluctant to divide its rosette.

On the rockery the yellow flowers of ‘Habanero’ combine beautifully with the red of ‘Utrecht’. Looking from the sunny side in winter the latter should always be planted behind as it is a taller growing plant.

Aloe ‘Habanero’ will also grow and flower well in a container or pot of sufficient size, around 30 liter will do fine.

Updated 30 July 2019.