Aloe ‘Havenga Hybrid’

This medium-sized, stemless aloe hybrid boasts a number of sought-after characteristics. The good red-to-white flower colour and consecutive, branched inflorescences that can provide colour for long periods throughout the year is only the beginning. The plant itself is neat and tidy with stout, succulent, greenish grey leaves. This decorative feature makes it an ideal pot plant, although it is large enough to look after itself in open planting as well.

Aloe ‘Havenga’s Hybrid’ will take a while before it divides the rosette, if it ever does. Instead, shoots may sucker from the base of the plant. Two or three of these may be retained to provide extra flower power, or you can remove all of them if a plant with cleaner “aloe” lines is required. This aloe loves fresh soil with lots of compost so do not hesitate to transplant if it looks like it is out-growing its container.

This aloe is well liked by gardeners in frosty areas because any flower lost to the cold is quickly replaced by another.

Updated 28 March 2020