Aloe ‘Hilko’

Fast growing and decorative, this medium-sized aloe cultivar’s tall inflorescences will always bring splashes of bright colour to the rockery, usually after midwinter. Multiple, simultaneous, branched inflorescences with upright racemes provide the spectacle of red and white – red from the flower buds and white from the open flowers.

The beautiful plant has bright green leaves lined with pale spines. It may produce the odd stem shoot and may also divide the rosette when it is more mature. It starts out stem-less, but a short stem may develop over time.

Because of its tall flowering style Aloe ‘Hilko’ can easily hold its own in the middle and towards the back of the rockery. It is an exceptional container plant provided it is given enough soil and compost to satisfy its growing needs.

It is named after Hilko Lubbinge, an avid aloe breeder in his own right.

Updated 19 July 2023.