Aloe ‘Irinka’

Tough, medium sized and stemless,  Aloe ‘Irinka’ will delight the gardener with a breath-taking display of long, upright, red-to-white racemes from mid-winter onward. Up to 4 well-balanced, branched inflorescences and clean, grey-green leaves complete the picture. The plant rarely produces stem shoots, but when it does these should best be removed. Stem shoots at ground level are often problematic because they attract ants and various aphids that can be difficult to control.

It will do equally well in a container or in open planting. It is therefore particularly well suited to smaller gardens where it will attract sunbirds like a magnet. Aloe ‘Irinka’ has shown itself to be more cold hardy than many similar-sized aloes.

The picture shows a plant with divided rosette, which often happens as the plant approaches maturity. As can be seen, this can greatly enhance the colour display.