Aloe ‘Lebombo’

This large aloe cultivar, with its nearly stemless growth style and open rosette, is genetically programmed to produce multiple, strong and well-branched inflorescences in the middle of winter. The dark peduncles initially hide its biggest asset: Densely packed, bright and beautiful pink-to-white racemes that crown the deeply grooved, grey-green leaf structure of this remarkable plant.

‘Lebombo’ was made for open rockery planting. It does not produce stem shoots but older plants may divide their rosettes. This should produce multiple rosettes over time, creating an awesome spectacle when in full flower. The leaf edges are lined with smallish spines and during the colder and dryer time of the year the leaf tips may add yet another dimension of colour by turning a delicate pink.

For conspicuous style and striking colour contrast, combine with Aloe ‘Sabre’. The latter should grow slightly taller so it should be planted on the shady side (as opposed to the sunny side) of the smaller ‘Lebombo’. Both like lots of sun and may need protection against severe cold.

Best recorded flowering performance – unknown.

Uploaded March 2020.