Aloe ‘Marigold’

This cute little potplant-sized cultivar is the first early orange-flowered aloe to join the Sunbird Aloes ranks. It can be in flower from early autumn and go right into winter. The dainty flowers are carried in little clusters on branched inflorescences (much more orange than the picture). The leaves are dark green and edged with lots of dark-tipped, pink spines. The pinkish discoloration on the leaves commonly happens in winter and is a normal reaction to cooler temperatures and/or less water. The lovely plant normally produces stem shoots. Depending on the number of these it may be necessary to remove some of them to avoid a drop in flowering performance ( the latter is a common occurrence when a plant attempts to grow too many shoots). It is recommended that around 3 or 4 shoots be retained and the excess removed by cutting when the plant is dry.

‘Marigold’ is an easy plant to grow. As with most other aloes that are grown in containers the key is not to over water on the one hand, and not to let the container dry out altogether on the other. Water less during the cooler months. The best growth medium is well-composted finely sifted compost mixed with an equal portion of sandy topsoil.