Aloe ‘Maroela’

A little, stemless aloe cultivar with charming flowers through the winter months. Multiple, branched inflorescences with upright racemes account for a pink-to-white flower display. The pinkish buds have a pink base until the flowers open a pure white.

The plant has fairly upright, green leaves lined with small, pale spines. Some stem shoots my be produced at ground level. I prefer removing them while the plant is still young as it provides a very convenient hiding place for unwanted guests like ants and aphids. As the plant matures it should become less crowded where the shoots emerge and one may then leave one or two on the plant to grow and add to the flower production (also see “Aloe Care” on the main menu, scroll down to “Ongoing Care”). A mature plants may also divide its rosette, which will in itself boost the plant’s flowering.

‘Maroela’ is best kept in a container (pot) of around 25cm cross section. It will probably need feeding after about 2 years. Do not over water but also do not allow the planting soil to dry out completely.

Uploaded 16 June 2016.