Aloe ‘Midlands’

Aloe ‘Midlands’ is a large and slow stemming but fast growing cultivar. It produces an abundance of striking, semi-erect, red-to-yellow racemes on branched inflorescences in midwinter.

The graceful ferox-type, greenish-grey leaves have sharp spines on the edges and some scattered on the lower surface. Stem shoots are rare but the plant could divide its rosette as it matures.

Aloe ‘Midlands’ requires open space on a rockery in order to grow and develop to its full potential. Plant it with lots of compost in the soil, and it likes plenty of sun.

Only available at Ndundulu Nursery, Eshowe;

Updated 7 September 2020

Aloe ‘Midlands’ – only available from Ndundulu Aloes.