Aloe ‘Omega Rose’

Omega Rose is one of the last cold season cultivars to flower, and is an important source of food for birds and bees at that time of year.

It may be regarded as a short- to medium stemmed plant, and the greyish leaves are long and slender and lined with a pink spiny edge. The plant may divide its rosette upon reaching maturity, but stem shoots are rare.

Although it flowers from a tender age, the plant will grow quite large and produce one of the best and showiest displays of long lasting deep pink to white flower racemes imaginable. Most of the inflorescences are branched and the large racemes are carried very upright. It closely resembles Aloe speciosa in colour but out-performs the pure species by leaps and bounds – not only because of its impressive flowering performance but also for the duration of the flower season.

Best recorded flowering display from a single rosette: 5 inflorescences with a total of 35 racemes.

Updated 6 June 2016

Updated 7 June 2017