Aloe ‘Pafuri’

This stemless, medium-sized cultivar brightens the end of the winter aloe flower season with its tall-standing (up to 70 cm) clusters of long-lasting, deep red flowers, borne on branched inflorescences. The racemes are nicely spaced over the plant. The flower time is very late winter and spring. It is one of those unassuming plants that can fit in anywhere on the rockery. I prefer it in front with the yellow-flowered ‘Yellow Jewel’ that often still has flowers to show at the same time of year, or combined with ‘Sun King’.

The plant tends to spread its long thin leaves rather octopus-like. The growing leaves are green in colour, sometimes with a few feint pale spots and/or stripes. They are narrowly edged in red, with red spines. The base colour quickly changes to a pinkish hue as soon as the plants are stressed by cold and/or drought and there will be some unavoidable drying of the leaf tips during this time. This is a perfectly natural phenomenon. Stem shoots are rare and should be removed to avoid unwanted guests like aphids.

Because the plant is not very sculptural ‘Pafuri’ is seldom used as a pot plant, but may show off well in combiantion with other colours (try to combine similar flower times).

Best recorded flowering performance from a single rosette: 3 inflorescences with a total of 38 racemes.

Posted 26 July 2015, updated 13 June 2016, updated 18 August 2017.