Aloe ‘Phoenix’

When ‘Phoenix’ is in full flower there is nothing quite like it. The stemless, large, grey plant produces at least two massive, simultaneous inflorescences with slanted racemes that criss-cross each other. When the deep red-to-white colour of the buds and flowers and the protruding black filaments is added to the equation it adds up to a unique display unmatched by any other aloe hybrid. Flower time is late winter to spring.

The grey leaves often have a pinkish tinge during cold or dry times. They are lined with small, hard, sharp, dark-tipped spines. The plant never produces stem shoots and is not likely to divide its rosette for many years. This makes it a very dependable choice for a space towards the front of the rockery, or a large enough container (around 40 liter should allow for good growth and flowering). More on planting in the Aloe Care section of this website.

‘Phoenix’ will bring a new dimension when planted with any aloe(s) that flower(s) around the same time – ‘Omega Rose’ and ‘Impala’ come to mind immediately for an eye-catching colour match.

Best recorded flowering performance: 3 inflorescences with a total of 48 racemes.

Updated 24 October 2023.