Aloe ‘Power Pink’

Still the benchmark for pink-flowered aloes, this cultivar adds a new dimension to the kaleidoscope of colours in the Sunbird Aloes range. It is medium-sized, mostly with a shortish stem. Multiple, branched inflorescences open their deep, glowing pink flowers from mid winter to early spring. Branching happens above the midpoint of the inflorescence, creating a dimension of height while the plant is in flower. The racemes are very slightly slanted.

The plant itself is well-structured with pointed, grey-ish leaves that turn a pinkish colour as soon as cold and/or drought stress sets in. This is nothing to worry about. Leaves are lined with pale spines. ‘Power Pink’ rarely produces stem shoots, but it may divide its rosette as it approaches maturity. By then it will be one of the most striking features in the rockery.

The implication is that it will do better in open area/rockery planting as opposed to a pot/container. In fact the same would apply, to a greater or lesser extent, to all stemmed aloes simply because they are, by their very nature, rather top-heavy.

‘Power Pink’ combines particularly well with any of the red cultivars that flower around the same time, including ‘Lava Flow’, ‘Firepower’ and ‘Lake Kyle’.

Best recorded flowering performance from a single rosette: 3 inflorescences, each with 8, 7 and 5 racemes respectively, giving a total of 20 racemes.

• Plant with lots of compost in the soil
• Likes plenty of sun
• Remove stem shoots for best results
• Rosette ± 70cm in diameter and ± 50cm high
• Protect from severe frost

Aloe ‘Power Pink’
Aloe ‘Power Pink” in the rockery.


Updated 16 March 2022