Aloe ‘Prize Pink’

Large, stemmed and fast-growing, “Prize Pink” will reward the gardener with an abundance of pink racemes through the winter months. It is an unusual hybrid (of Aloe ferox) that easily out-performs its parent, both with the number of inflorescences and the flowering period.

The plant has a rosette of average density with pointed, grey-green leaves. Stem shoots should be removed to retain a good plant shape, and open area planting is recommended. Fast growing plants like this typically reach a sizeable mass before it grows the stem that lifts it off the ground. It may divide its rosette as it matures, which is a positive development for flower production.

Combining it with a red-flowered cultivar like “Norman’s Red” creates an unusually contrasting, yet appealing, colour combination.

Best recorded flowering display from a single rosette: 4 inflorescences and a total of 16 racemes, divided evenly between the inflorescences.

Updated 9 June 2016.