Aloe ‘Red Dwarf’

This exciting addition to the Sunbird Aloes range combines a small, compact plant with the flower of a much larger aloe. The long racemes, that open their flowers after mid-winter, are a striking red colour. The filaments of the individual flower are pale yellow, making a ‘Red Dwarf’ in flower a very striking feature.

The greenish plant is compact and between “small” and “medium” in size. The short, pointed leaves are lined with widely spaced, pale spines with darkish tips. There are a few warty spines scattered on the lower leaf surface towards the tip of the leaf.

This aloe can be used in open planting where it will draw attention at the front of the rockery, or as a container/pot subject which will allow the grower a closer view of the magnificent flower.

Updated 20 November 2020