Aloe ‘Red Ivory’

This is a fairly large, tough, well-structured grey-green aloe cultivar. The clean leaves are lined with sharp, reddish-brown spines. The plant will resist shoot formation (i.e. it is very unlikely to grow stem shoots). We have not seen it divide its rosette, so this is also unlikely to be a prominent characteristic and the plant is likely to stay single for many years.

When the massive racemes start changing from deep red to ivory white the plant rapidly becomes one of the most striking aloes in the Sunbird stable. Its flowering time is from June to August, thanks to multiple inflorescences. A short stem will grow with age and therefore this aloe is regarded as ‘slow stemming’.

If one had to choose just one large aloe for a garden, ‘Red Ivory’ will be near the top of the list.

• Plant with lots of compost in the soil
• Likes plenty of sun
• Rosette ± 100cm in diameter and ± 90cm high
• Protect from severe frost

Aloe ‘Red Ivory’ basking in the afternoon sun.

Updated 19 July 2023.