Aloe ‘Sakura’

Aloe ‘Sakura’ is a small, pot plant sized aloe with greyish, slender, upright leaves. Pale, softish, warty spines line the edges and undersides of the leaves, creating a rather haworthia-like effect.

The large pink flowers grow on multiple, simultaneous inflorescences. Although these are mostly simple, larger inflorescences may have more than one raceme. The pendulous style of the individual flowers is a rather special characteristic of this plant. Flowering takes place in winter and it is not uncommon for a strongly growing individual to produce 6 inflorescences.

Stem shoots from the base of the plant are not uncommon and the keen gardener should make use of this bonus by removing all but two or three of these. The resulting multi-rosetted plant can produce quite an amazing flower display. The same effect is achieved if the main plant divides its rosette.

Best recorded flowering performance from a single rosette plant: 6 inflorescences with a total of 7 racemes.

Uploaded March 2020.

Aloe ‘Sakura’s beautiful pale, warty spines