Aloe ‘Sensation’

‘Sensation’ is a near perfect miniature of Aloe cryptopoda, one of its parents and a very large stemless plant. ‘Sensation’s’ dark green leaves are uniquely rough to the touch.

Numbers of long-lasting, reddish pink flowers are carried high above the plant by multiple, branched inflorescences, producing a sensational, long-lasting flowering performance. Plants may flower from early winter to spring. Stem shoots are likely to come from older plants, but should be removed, or at least their number controlled, when they appear. This aloe looks at its best with a single rosette, but allowing two or three shoots to develop to flowering size can add to the flowering performance.

The plant’s maximum size is about 25cm in diameter and 20cm high, but, as with other great hybrids, it starts flowering much smaller than this. It is an excellent pot subject. Our planting suggestion, however, is to group 4 or 5 plants together in a mini rockery or a small pocket towards the front of the main rockery. Then wait for a sensational flower show.

Best recorded flowering performance from a single rosette: 2 inflorescences with a total of 10 racemes.

Updated 19 July 2023.