Aloe ‘Siren’

Although it is a smallish aloe (on the small side of medium), ‘Siren’s flower will stand out like a beacon wherever it is planted – the front of the rockery or a pot/container. Its branched inflorescence is packed with huge flowers of the brightest red imaginable. The visual effect is enhanced by a unique feature for such a small aloe – the long filaments are virtually covered by the longer than usual flower petals (perianth). Flower time is midwinter.

The neat, dark green, stemless plant has slightly recurved, sharply tapered leaves. These are lined with medium sized, reddish spines. Should the plant grow stem shoots they should best be removed with a sharp blade. Division of the rosette has not been observed.

Do not be surprised if this little cultivar outshines most of the aloes surrounding it when it flowers – including those many times the size of ‘Siren’. It simply draws the eye and demands admiration. Best combined with pinks and yellows like ‘Ember’ and ‘Moonglow’.

Updated 1 May 2018