Aloe ‘Snow White’

This small, stemless aloe cultivar with its fairly upright inflorescences from very early winter to beyond midwinter will delight with its white flowers. It produces multiple inflorescences, often in rapid succession. The smaller flower buds my have a yellowish tinge, particularly in full sun.

The neat and decorative plant has clean green leaves with a pinkish spint border. It may produce the occasional stem shoot at ground level. Unless the shoots are very crowded there is no need to remove or thin them out. They may be left to grow to flowering size, which will also extend the flower period.

Being such a small plant, it is advisable to keep ‘Snow White’ as a pot plant. A pot of 20 to 25cm in diameter should be ideal, and lots of compost should be added to the potting soil. Use a sandy soil as the base ingredient.

Uploaded 16 June 2016