Aloe ‘Snowkiss’

This small aloe produces branched inflorescences from early autumn to late winter. The colour scheme of the tightly packed racemes is pink (flower buds) to white (open flowers). The pink buds are white tipped as though brushed with a light dusting of snow.

The plant itself is stemless and dark green with small spines. It may grow to 25cm in diameter.  It could produce the odd stem shoot which should be removed in the interest of better plant health and shape and also more flowers.

Although it is primarily a pot subject older plants may be transplanted to the front of the rockery if they can be given a little extra water and watched for aphids. This pest is usually associated with ants and small, stemless aloes are easily accessible.

When combined with another two-tone hybrids like ‘Sunbird’ or ‘Morning Sky’, ‘Snowkiss’ creates a particularly pleasing colour effect.