Aloe ‘Stiletto Gold’

This medium to large aloe cultivar with its golden yellow upright racemes was a dream come true for the breeder. The objective of breeding a tough, single stemmed aloe with a clean yellow, ferox-like inflorescence eluded me for many years. I have seen it with 2 inflorescences on a young plant, so it may well improve on this given the time to mature a little more. Flower time is throughout the winter months.

The plant has a neat, well-structured rosette of shortish, grey-green leaves and hard spines. It rarely produces stem shoots (remove any that may form to retain the aesthetic qualities of the plant) and up to the age of 5 years there has not been any sign of division in any of the rosettes. The stem (trunk) may take years to develop.

The plant will do well on the open rockery but its manageable size allows for it to be considered as a container (pot) plant as well. Mix in ample compost with the planting soil. I like combining contrasting styles and colours in the aloe garden and therefore consider a cultivar like ‘Ruby Blaze’ a perfect companion for ‘Stiletto Gold’.

14 June 2015