Aloe ‘Tinkerbell’

Exquisite, bell-like, dainty pink flowers make Tinkerbell a sought after cultivar. It can produce multiple inflorescences in winter, an unusual flowering time for such a small aloe. The inflorescences follow each other and this means a very long flower season. Early flowers can appear in late autumn, and the last flowers can go into spring. The depth of the flower colour depends on the amount of sunlight the plant is given.

The dark green, stemless, pot sized little plant can produce stem shoots from an early age. Provided the plant is not too crowded, these can help with an even better flower display. Remove excess stem shoots to retain only 3 or 4, or remove them completely for a strong, single plant. Leaf colour may change during the colder months.

Tiny plants like these need protection from frosty temperatures, so pots should be moved to a sunny porch or window sill where temperatures could go to 0°C in winter. Care should be taken not to water too much over this period.