Aloe ‘Tonteldoos’

This medium to large sized, stemless aloe cultivar produces multiple, consecutive, rather tall, branched inflorescences from late summer well into winter. The flower buds are red and flowers open bright yellow. Buds and flowers droop (i.e. hang down from the peduncle) just like the flowers of A. reitzii , of which it carries genetic material combined with others in the hybrid combination. The plant has fairly upright, green leaves lined with small, dark spines. It does not produce stem shoots and will take a number of years before it splits the rosette, if it does at all. It can be used as a pot plant or on the outdoor rockery as it is fairly cold hardy.

It is named after a small settlement, hardly more than a small railway station, in the middle of the A. Reitzii distribution area in Mpumalanga.

Updated 7 April 2019.