Aloe ‘Trident’

A large and impressive, single plant with ferox-type flowers and superior plant-to-flower ratio. It produces two immense inflorescences with impossibly long racemes. The flower buds are red and the flowers open white, making it the only candelabra-styled cultivar to do so. It flowers in the midwinter months.

Like any top quality hybrid, ‘Trident’ can start flowering at a young age, improving its flower show year after year. The plant will eventually grow a stem (trunk), does not produce stem shoots and to date rosette division has not been recorded. The green leaves are lined with dark-tipped, pale spines.

Because of its demanding presence, ‘Trident’ deserves to be treated as a feature in the rockery. Mix in plenty of good quality compost when planting to ensure optimal growth and flowering. After about two years an annual, thick manure mulch on top of the soil will sustain its flower production (see Aloe Care in this website).

This aloe is well worth cultivating – ‘Trident’ in full flower is an unforgettable sight.

Uploaded 31 July 2014