Aloe ‘Turkish Delight’

This astounding large aloe cultivar is capable of producing 7 large inflorescences, some with up to 3 racemes, giving a graceful display of pink and white in late winter.

The plant colour is a clean, pale grey-green and it is rather beautiful even when not in flower. It has unusual, recurving leaves. The plant may divide its rosette upon reaching maturity but stem shoots are very rarely seen.

Although it appears stemless the plant will eventually trail along the ground because of the weight of its rosette. For this reason it is well placed at the front of the rockery or landscaped area where it can overhang an edge or a rocky border. In this position the unique and delicate colours may best be appreciated.

Although a young plant may have a short stem it should be assisted by providing some support like wedging a rock under it or by planting at an angle. The rosette will soon right itself.

(The spots on the plant in picture is a result of hail damage)

Best recorded flowering performance from a single rosette: 8 inflorescences and a total of 19 racemes – a memorable sight.

Updated 1 May 2018