Aloe ‘Volcano’

This exciting addition to the Sunbird Aloes range of large, tall-stemmed aloe cultivars flowers after midwinter – large clusters of short, bi-coloured racemes that create a splash of colour second to none. Flower buds start out red and change to ivory white when the flowers open. The huge flowering performance is made possible by this aloe’s ability to produce the magic number of simultaneous, well-branched inflorescences – the perfect 10! The rosette is made up of green leaves lined with pale spines. The plant does not readily produce stem shoots, nor does it easily divide its rosette.

Aloe ‘Volcano’ deserves a prime spot on the rockery and should be at the top of wish lists for gardens that have enough space. Combine it with any large cultivar with tall, upright racemes to accentuate both flowering styles.

If the message has not come through yet – this aloe is an awesome sight in full flower.

Updated 24 October 2023.