Aloe ‘Winter Double’

This neat, single, large, stemmed aloe can safely be regarded as a feature plant, which means that it can be given pride of place on the rockery or used as a solitary plant to accentuate a focal point in the garden. It has, of course, feature-sized flower production as well Рlarge, nearly upright, blood red-to-old-ivory coloured racemes on multiple, branched inflorescences. This display of colour is available from mid to late winter.

The grey-green leaves are lined with evenly spaced, tough, dark-tipped spines. The plant itself does not produce stem shoots but may eventually divide its rosette, thus benefiting the plant’s flowering capability. The stout stem will take a number of years to develop. It is one of those aloes that tends to develop the rosette (leafy part of the plant) before it pays attention to the growing of a stem (trunk).

Aloe ‘Winter Double’ is a plant for open planting. This will ensure maximum development of the plant and increase the annual flowering by leaps and bounds. In full flower it is one of the joys of the aloe world.

Updated 17 Feb 2020.